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Social media strategy

Tailored for your audience and business

Set social media marketing goals

We set S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) goals using all research and information collected.


Research your competition 

We go out there and analyse what your competitors are already doing well and no so well, spot opportunities and gain ideas.


Learn about your audience

We create your buyer’s persona by answering our buyer’s persona Questioner, using social media analytics, all sorts of researches and competition analysis.


Conduct a social media audit

If you are already using social media, we will review your current situation to establish what’s working and what’s not, who is connecting with you on social and how your social media presence looks against your competitors.


Determine which social media platforms to use

Different business does better on different platforms. From the other hand you might have more opportunities in one social media platform than another.


Develop a social media style guide

We introduce consistent voice, tone, and style which will help your audience understand what to expect from your brand and what values your brand translates.


Develop a social media strategy

Based on all information collected we define an effective social media marketing strategy unique to your brand.

Content production

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Text content

Content is created based on educational, informational and sales posts. We produce content which builds brand awareness of your business and drives traffic back to your website and generates leads and sales.

Photo content 

We use images provided by you and good quality stock images are specifically chosen for your business which should reflect your brand values and translate the message you want to pass to your audience.


We design graphic templates for posts
to make your feed consistent and
recognisable, which aims to increase
engagement and generate traffic to
your website.

Social Media Management

Activities which bring results, generate leads and sales

Set up social media accounts to get started

We manage social media accounts such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Business, and Instagram on your behalf. We start from setting up all necessary accounts and optimizing them for successful work.

Improve existing social media profiles

If you already have social media accounts set up, we will review them and optimise to make sure they represent your brand and translate what you want to say.

Create a social media content calendar

We create a monthly social media content calendar and posting schedule with dates and times at which publications should happen.

Social media management

We provide daily management and audience growth optimization which include monitoring of all social media activity, such as comments, messages, reviews, and respond to them within 24 hours. We will use organic tactics such as hashtags and following to grow your audience.

Test and adjust social media marketing strategy

Constant testing allows us to determine what works and what doesn’t. Once we start working on your social media, we re-evaluate your strategy regularly.


We prepare monthly reports for you to review showing you details on what’s been happening each week with a breakdown of all data. Based on reports we will make suggestions on what needs to be changed/ added and discuss with you.

Website development

Quality website, which helps to engage and generate sales

We design and develop WordPress websites which:
  • Are ideal for small and medium sized business.
  • Has responsive design and works on all types of devices.
  • Translate your brand through visual identity.
  • Are SEO optimised.
  • Focused on enquiry generation.
  • Provides high user experience for our customer.
Absolutely Suited For Every And Any Of Your SocialMedia Marketing Needs